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Northrad's Yard Haunt


A free small Front Yard Haunt with no actors. New Theme and gets a little bigger every year. Put together by a one man army. In 2008, I prepped for just a couple weeks and it was so fun that year I prepped all year the following year. Very 'atmospheric' with Music, Lightning, Props, Projection and Automation on a small scale. DIY style over store bought :) Always Creepy and Spooky rather than Gory. Aims to be the best decorated house in the Town -aiming to be best in Baldwin County.Yard Haunt is completed and runs Halloween Day only because the Haunt is not weatherproofed.Come by on Halloween if your nearby and say "Hi"



(2009) Open Letter to the Haunt Community

Hey All,

This was my 1st year (2009) serious effort on a Yard Haunt of true planning and man was it fun and worth it! I do a "Yard" Haunt by myself and that means no actors and I'm giving out my own candy at the same time.  You can see I went from 0 to Present in just one year. I spent all year reading and thinking of ideas and learning from you all (the Yard Huant Community).

Everything is automated and for the most part it's all made from scratch or if something Halloween is purchased it gets retooled or tweaked beyond store bought because I just plain can't make it better myself for le$$.

I try to focus on quality over quantity and I pursue "Atmospheric" Scary over "Gore".  I find that more challenging to me. My mind is plenty warped as it is

Smiley (Hopefully) My stuff tends to look better in daylight as all the crafty details disappear in darkness.

Yes I run out of space because I keep it a Yard Haunt and in the front yard but I will change theme every year to re-challenge myself and continue the creative outlet.

You all have been great and it's neat to see everyone's different formula and interpretations of Home Haunting. Smiley