NEWS: Northrad's Yard Haunt selected "Top 15 Yard Haunts"

Congrats to the Top 3 Yard Haunts of the Year


1st Place: Darkwing Manor & Morguetorium Museum


2nd Place: McKamey Manor


3rd Place: Steve's Haunted Yard


Amazing Stuff (check them out via )I'm even more impressed because "free" actual yards of normal homes made the list! :) That gives me "inspiration" because I'm poor and operate solo... gives me hope in my 3rd year of trying to Yard Haunt-hehe


Grimlock Manor in Fords, NJ listed Northrad's Yard Haunt in their popular Haunt Blog so I certainly would like to thank them and give them a shout out! When amazing Haunts like theirs slipped out the Top 15 Yard Haunt finalist lists... I'm real honored to and feel very lucky to have make it the list. I'm definately not worthy.

2010 Yard Haunt 

   Success!!! The Western theme was hit. Check out the new video.

I finally pulled off using several prop tools I had been want to to use...plenty of ideas left over for 2011 !


Enjoy the Video and please give me some YouTube feedback...It makes me feel good...and makes it all worth while. You all know I really do this for myself...hehe.

The kids just happen to love it too...I think I had just as many "adult kids"... Everyone seemed facinated...Wow I can't tell you how good that feels when a plan comes together for a good time....



2010 This year's yard haunt theme..... "Western"


Well, I finally gave up on trying to find the my shitsu massager motor from last year. I had used it on my undead arm reaching up from the grave.


 I had plans to repurpose that motor for my "new" Ground Breaker Coffin... so after giving up I went with a wiper motor. I should have an updated picture of that project in the Picture Gallery for 2010. Make me feel good and check it out. :)


2009 Halloween Day

The weather broke and the day turned beautiful and the frantic work began. Who knew once the Moon arrived this home would turn so evil so quickly...The transformation began... The change from 2008's Yard Haunt to 2009 was massive as well as the change from noon to 5pm. The house was on fire with sounds, motion and light. Huge thanks to my friend and neighbor Tony for helping out and catching some photos while I was busy at work. It was a blast and I didn't even get to execute all my planned ideas. Nobody could tell but Northrad.
<<<<---------check out our Haunt Video links to see the video 

I worked all year on this but rain and wind kept me from pulling it all out till the afternoon. Some ideas and items never made it out because of time constraints but I'm happy with the finished product and so was the neighborhood. The end of 2008 video said I needed a bigger I did a ship. Next year 2010, I think I'll need a bigger country so I gonna hit the frontier.
See you then and hope you liked this year's Yard Haunt. My goal was to make my last year's Yard Haunt look noob and I think I did.


2009 Preparations begin

Halloween 2009 is just around the corner. Since the mild effort I gave last year resulted in so much fun and compliments- a monster was created. I have spent so much time this year to ensure the best yard in Daphne, AL.